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Dear Doox,

It’s Febrrrruary, and we have some special updates for you all. In this bulletin:

  • A New Year with New Faces – New undergrads and board members
  • Mission Accomplished – Fostering charitable work
  • Bringing the Generations Together – Undergrad concert in Wellesley MA
  • Annual Appeal – Thank you for your support 
  • Spring Jam in April – If it’s happening, that is

1. A New Year with New Faces
We at the DMAA hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2015 is off to a fantastic start.  Word has come from New Haven that the group recently returned from their annual tour of the Borscht Belt, and as such, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to the doox babies!  Perhaps one of them is from your town, providing a perfect opportunity for a tour stop or mini reunion:

  • Avi Durlling, Tenor 2 from Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Caleb O’Reilly, Baritone from Oakland, CA
  • David Torres, Bass from El Paso, TX
  • Kenyon Duncan, Baritone from San Jose, CA
  • Wade Newville, Tenor 1 from Oklahoma City, OK

In addition, we have some new faces at the DMAA.  Please welcome your new officers as of January 1, 2015:

  • Michael Hrycelak ’97, President
  • Tom Bulleit ’79, Vice President
  • Lindsay Elliott ’04, Secretary
  • Jon Rubin ’81, Treasurer

Other current Board members are:

  • Jeff Freeman ‘57
  • Carl Kaestle ‘62
  • Elliott Watts ‘09
  • Ken Goldman ‘84
  • Tom Metzloff ‘76

And special thanks to our original Board founders Tom Bulleit and David Lefkowith ’78 as they pass the torch they so brightly lit.

2. Mission Accomplished!
One of the goals of the DMAA is to facilitate charitable and educational work by the current group.  We are proud to announce that, through the efforts of board member Elliot Watts ‘09, the boys performed a public concert in Atlanta as part of their winter tour with proceeds donated to the East Atlanta Kids Club, a non-profit organization that supports the education and development of underserved children.  The group was very well received, and expressed their excitement about taking part in such endeavors in the future.Do you know a worthwhile organization in your community who could benefit from such a performance?  Contact the DMAA and let us help with the details.

3. Bringing the Generations Together
Another DMAA goal is to foster a life-long love of singing.  We are excited to announce a wonderful opportunity in the Boston area, organized by Linus Travers ’58:“Come on along! Enjoy the current Duke’s Men as THE featured group at an a cappella festival.  Saengerfest promotes male a cappella singing and focuses particularly on encouraging younger singers to learn what all of us know: the joy and camaraderie of male voices raised in song.”The current Duke’s Men of Yale will be the lead-off group, performing a full set. Other groups on the program will also display their talents. All singers will engage in a triumphant massed a cappella chorus to finish the concert.

  • Date and Time: Sunday February 8 @ 4 PM
  • Location: Wellesley High School Auditorium, 50 Rice Street Wellesley Hills, MA
  • Tickets and information: www.saengerfest.org

4. Annual Appeal
A special thank you to all who donated in 2014 as part of our annual fund raising appeal.  We are please to announce that we saw a significant increase in the number of donors, and we are grateful for your support.  For those who donated at the special incentive level, your gift CD is in in the works and will be sent once production is complete. In addition, you should already have received a letter thanking you for your tax-deductible donation.  If you have not, please contact our treasurer, Jon Rubin ’81 (jrubin@aya.yale.edu) or send an email to dooxalumni@gmail.com.And, of course, if you haven’t yet donated, it is never too late!  Please use this link to donate and support the continued efforts of the DMAA:

5. Spring Jam
The undergrads, as usual, are not planning on having a spring concert. But if they were, it might be on Friday, April 24th in the evening.

Live Streaming!

The entire jam is available on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/mikefayette/search?query=spring

First Set:

1. Beatles Medley
2. Gone / Alex Fayette ’12
3. Quickest Road / Brandon Hayse ’13
4. Ain’t No Sunshine /  Nimal Eames-Scott ’14
5. Intro: we are the Duke’s Men
6. City of Blinding Lights / Reuben Hendler ’13
7. She’s Always a Woman / Henry Gottfried ’13
8. The Oak and the Ash
9. Big White Room / Alex Ratner ’14
10. Bridge over Troubled Waters / Michael Blume ’12
11. Flying Home / Terrence Chin-Loy ’14
12. I Want You Back / Benji Goldsmith ’14

Second Set:
13. Intro: Alumni Skit
14.  motherless child
15. Coming Home
16. Carolina in My Mind
17. And so it goes
18. Duke’s place
19. I’ll back you up
20. This woman’s work
21. Umbrella
22. Good boy
23. Let it be
24. Istanbul


Happy February!

The DMAA had its first board meeting of 2011 last week. Some brief news.

1. Doox Jam This Week / Live Streaming
2. New Board Members
3. Regional Singing Dinners

1. Doox Jam This Week / Live Streaming
The undergraduate group’s annual spring concert is Friday, February 25, at 7:30pm in New Haven. Yep, that’s this Friday.

Lest we bury the lede: on Omar Christdis ’04’s suggestion, we are going to live stream the jam over the internet. Go to www.dadoox.org at jam’o’clock on the day of jam for the live stream. The feed will also be saved online for later viewing.

The Duke’s Men of Yale Present: Sgt. Basil’s Yearly Dukes Club Jam
First & Summerfield United Methodist Church
425 College St.
New Haven, CT
7:30pm, February 25th.

Students – $5 in advance; $6 at the door; $12 priority*
Adults – $10 in advance; $12 at the door; $20 priority*
*Priority = guaranteed front rows

Click here for tickets, or just show up, since alums don’t pay anyway.

2. New Board Members
The DMAA Board is pleased to welcome Carl Kaestle ’62, Tom Metzloff ’76, Mike Hrycelak ’97, and Elliot Watts ’09 to the fold. Some quick bios:

Carl Kaestle ’62 — Pitched the Duke’s Men of ‘60-‘61 (producing the Zounds LP, one of the best Doox recordings until the group’s breakout successes of the 1990s) and the Whiffenpoofs of ’62 before becoming an historian of education, most recently on the faculty of a lesser Ivy institution of higher learning in Providence, RI. Easily the Board member with the most pleasant speaking voice, Carl (whose last name is pronounced “kay’ sul” ) is nonetheless not the guy from “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.”

Tom Metzloff ’76 — A former business manager (‘74-‘75), Tom was renowned during his undergraduate years for owning the largest car manufactured in the pre-SUV era, and for competing with Rick Brookhiser ’77 at being the Duke’s Man with highest IQ. Following graduation from the law school at a lesser Ivy institution in Cambridge, MA, he went on to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Byron “Whizzer” White before becoming forever a “Duke’s Man” by joining the faculty of the Duke University School of Law. He teaches, among other things, ethics and dispute resolution. The rest of the board is excited to offer him real life tests on those issues.

Mike Hrycelak ’97 — Perhaps the lowest bass voice in the history of the Duke’s Men, Michael gave up a promising career doing voice overs of steamboat whistles to become an anesthesiologist. A former Business Manager from ’95-’96, Mike was present during the heart of the seminal 90’s era that produced records such as Food, Mom, and 45. Mike had been on tour since graduation, but now he’s back on tour’s longest stop — New Haven — as a faculty member at the Yale School of Medicine.

Elliot Watts ’09 — Displaced Lindsay Elliott ’04 (sic) as the youngest member of the board. Business Manager of Da Doox of ‘07-‘08 and the undergraduate most involved in prodding the old guys to form the DMAA and run the 55th reunion. He was present during the recording of D.O.O.X. and the What a Trip / Smooth Ride double-album; apparently those were pretty good albums. Elliot is currently working for an education consulting firm in Boston and has the dubious long term ambition of becoming a lawyer. He’s padding his resume by going on a service trip in Liberia before enrolling next fall at an as-yet-undetermined law school. Having been born after the invention of the internet, Elliot is renowned for an inability to form complete

3. Regional Singing Dinners
The DMAA is happy to announce regional singing dinners in Chicago, Providence, and Washington DC in the upcoming months. More details in the next Istanbulletin.

Also: if you are interested in attending one of these or hosting one in your city, the board will happily help coordinate and subsidize the event.