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Tap Night 2012!

The Duke’s Men recently concluded another rush, and tapped some wonderful freshman.

Truett Davis ’16 (Tenor 2) – Dallas TX
Grant Ferguson ’16 (Baritone) – Atlanta GA
Chris Camp ’16 (Tenor 2) – New York NY
Chris Peters  ’16 (Bass) –  North Haven CT
Christian Probst ’16 (Tenor 1) – St Louis MO

Though their names may be common (and reminiscent of the Matt / Matty / Mattias trifecta of 2004/2005), their singing is anything but.

(It must be noted: this is another year without a sophomore tap, a proud Duke’s Men tradition that seems to have ended back in the fall of 2004, back when all the good traditions ended.)

Tap Night!

The Duke’s Men recently concluded another successful rush, and tapped some wonderful freshman with very strange names. Shown, left to right in the front, are:

Jackson Thea ’15   (Tenor 2) – Lexington MA
Jamie Bogyo ’15   (Baritone) – New York NY
Elliah Heifetz ’15   (Bass) – Ambler PA
Jake van Leer ’15   (Tenor 1) – Hanover NH
DJ Stanfill ’15   (Baritone) – Manhattan Beach CA
Derwin Aikens ’15   (Bass) – Los Angeles CA

Tap Night 2011

As Chaplain Alex Caron ’13 notes, “They’re all dope” (sic).  Alex also remarks, “We cleaned up during rush.  I know that this isn’t the point but all the other groups have saaad tap classes. Sorry bout’cha.”

For the mathematically inclined (a.k.a Jeff Brock ’92): this year’s group will in fact be the 60th group, but someone from the Founders and First Followers (F&FFs) will have to weigh in on when the group first participated in a (the?) tap process of Rush.